700PRV Trykkavlastningsventilsett

  • Fluke 700PRV Pressure Relief Valve Kit


Repeatability ¤10% of nominal setting. Multi-turn adjustment screw to set preload on internal disc springs.


  • The 700PRV contains two relief valves
    • One adjustable from 725-2900 psi/50-200 bar (preset at 1360 psi/94 bar)
    • One adjustable from 2900-5800 psi/200-400 bar (preset at 5450 psi/376 bar)
  • Instruction sheet

Produktoversikt: 700PRV Trykkavlastningsventilsett

The Fluke 700PRV consists of two relief valves (1360 and 5450 psi) to be used with the 700HTP Hydraulic Test Pump. These relief valves will protect the most commonly used Fluke pressure modules from damage due to accidental over-pressurization. 1/4 BSP male parallel thread to fit Fluke 700HTP.

Spesifikasjoner: 700PRV Trykkavlastningsventilsett

Mechanical and General Specifications
Size40 x 22 mm
Weight60 g per relief valve
WarrantyOne year
MaterialType 303 stainless steel

Modeller: 700PRV Trykkavlastningsventilsett

Fluke 700PRV

Fluke 700PRV Pressure Relief Valve Kit

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