Zestaw sond napięciowych VPS200-R 200 MHz (jedna czerwona)

  • Zestaw Sond Napięciowych VPS200-R 200 MHz (jedna Czerwona) | Fluke
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Double insulated voltage probe for ScopeMeter 190 series.


Fluke VPS200 R

Voltage Probe Set, Red 200 MHz (one red)


Each probe set includes:

  • 600 V CAT III / 1000 V CAT II rated:
    • 10:1 Voltage Probe
    • Hook Clip for Probe Tip, 4 mm Test Probe for Probe
    • Ground Lead with Hook Clip
    • Ground Lead with Mini Alligator
  • The red Probe Set also includes a 30 V CAT II rated Ground Spring for Probe Tip


Bandwidth200 MHz
Max. input voltage1000 V
Max. voltage to ground600 V CAT III 1000 V CAT II per IEC / EN61010-031
Input resistance10 Mohm
Input capacitance14 pF
Compensation range10 to 22 pF
Cable length1.2m
Warranty1 Year