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Your family is your top priority. Your safety is ours.

The safety of you and your team is the result of the choices you make every day. Staying informed when selecting test tools, protective equipment and safety procedures enables you to make the right decisions.

Fluke test tools are dropped, shocked, short-circuited, injected with thousands of volts of electricity and forced to endure extreme temperatures before they land in your toolbox. Our commitment to quality ensures your Fluke tool meets the highest standard of safety.

Join us in the commitment to working safely. Explore the free safety training and resources below to continue learning.

eBook: Building a culture of safety

eBook: Building a culture of safety

A 2020 Fluke survey found a need for increased electrical safety knowledge in the workplace. Sign up to receive our eBook below and dive further into the survey results, best practices and next steps for improving safety in your organization. You’ll get:

  • 2020 Fluke survey results
  • Insights and advice from a safety expert
  • Tips from experienced workers

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How to know what PPE to wear

How to know what PPE to wear

Knowing what personal protective equipment (PPE) to wear helps keep workers heading home safely after each day on a job site. Read the article to learn how to set up a PPE plan that meets NFPA 70E guidelines and make sure everyone is wearing the proper safety gear for their situation.

Preparing safe test tools for real-world use

Preparing safe test tools for real-world use

To meet the demands of today’s high-energy, high-hazard workplace, Fluke continues to improve our test tools to make them safer and more reliable. Read on to learn about our testing protocol.

Safety webinar

On-demand webinar
Safety Solutions: Identifying Arc Flash Risk

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Do you work in potentially explosive environments? See our intrinsically safe product offerings.

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    The busy person’s guide to assessing risk and using Energized Electrical Work Permits (EEWPs)

    How to perform risk assessments when using Energized Electrical Work Permits (EEWPs). Anyone working with electricity is responsible for electrical safety and identifying hazards.
  • Teaching Materials

    Handleiding voor veilig gebruik van digitale multimeters

    De benodigde veiligheidsmaatregelen nemen bij het gebruik van een digitale multimeter op basis van de omstandigheden in uw werkomgeving. Begrijpen van de CAT-waarden en de IP-codes (Ingress Protection) van de multimeter.
  • Electrical safety myth #1

    Vier mythes over elektriciteit die u kunnen verrassen

    Following electrical safety regulations in industrial plants is critical. But myths about electrical safety are rampant. Understand the facts vs myths about working in energized systems.
  • Tien domme dingen die slimme mensen doen

    Tien domme dingen die slimme mensen doen

    Iedereen die zijn geld verdient met het werken met elektriciteit, krijgt al gauw een gezond respect voor alles wat ook maar in de verte onder spanning zou kunnen staan. Toch kunnen tijdsdruk en stress vanwege de kritieke aard van de apparatuur zelfs bij de meest ervaren elektricien tot onvoorzichtigheid en onkarakteristieke fouten leiden.
  • Top 5 safety tools for preventing arc flash

    Contactloze instrumenten gebruiken om veilig te blijven

    Contactloze instrumenten verhogen de elektrische veiligheid door werknemers buiten gevaar te houden. Infrarood (IR), laserafstand, spanningsdetector, afneembaar display, wireless