Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring Dashboard provides insight at a glance

Condition monitoring, Maintenance and monitoring

When you have insight into the overall health of your asset portfolio, you can determine how best to allocate your resources. In the past, gaining that insight was a process in and of itself. Now, the Fluke Connect™ Condition Monitoring (FCCM) Dashboard gives you a concise view on a single screen.

Leveraging FCCM data, the dashboard provides a snapshot of facility trends, recent alarms and activities, and the status of individual vibration sensors and power monitoring sensors. You can gauge the real-time health of every asset and decide what should be prioritized. With the dashboard, you can act decisively to avoid downtime.

Make data-driven decisions

In the past, you had to perform your own analysis to understand the severity of each alarm. The FCCM dashboard has a color-coded system that quickly gives you a picture of your overall asset health. Once you have that knowledge, you can use it to make data-driven decisions, prioritize actions, and allocate your resources based on hourly, daily, and weekly trends.

Reduce failures and downtime

View both historical and real-time data for your assets, or track health trends over the time period of your choice. Having this data at your fingertips enables you to identify potential faults or failures, decide on preventive actions, and reduce downtime while extending asset life.

Simplify your prioritization

The FCCM dashboard makes it easy to compare individual issues so you can decide what needs action first. With insight into the health of your assets, you can see and prioritize the issues that are most severe. In addition, communicating the most pressing needs to your team is made simpler by using the color-coded alarm severity system.