Non-Contact Infrared (IR) Thermometers

Take temperature measurements from a safe distance with Fluke infrared thermometers. Don't get burned by a motor or air blowing in your face from HVAC system while taking measurements. You can trust in Fluke infrared thermometers to get accurate temperature readings from a safe distance.

Can I use my IR thermometer for human temperature screening? Only IR thermometers specifically designed for elevated skin temperature measurement should be used for human temperature screening.

Non-Contact Infrared (IR) Thermometer solutions

What is an IR Thermometer Used For?

An Infrared (IR) thermometer, often called a laser thermometer, is vital for non-invasive temperature assessments in various settings. Predominantly utilized in industrial and commercial environments, these thermometers enable quick and precise measurements of surface temperatures from a distance. This feature is especially crucial when the measured object is too hot, complex to reach, or too sensitive to touch. Examples include monitoring mechanical equipment, cooking surfaces, electrical connections, and HVAC systems. The ability to rapidly scan and measure temperature without direct contact sets IR thermometers apart in temperature measurement tools.

How Accurate are Fluke IR Thermometers?

Fluke IR thermometers are synonymous with precision and reliability. The accuracy level of these thermometers is contingent upon the specific model and the range of temperature being measured. However, Fluke designs its thermometers to deliver exact readings, making them a staple in professional settings. The precision of Fluke thermometers makes them suitable for various applications, from industrial diagnostics to scientific research, where exact temperature readings are imperative.

Can Fluke IR Thermometers Measure Body Temperature?

Fluke IR thermometers are engineered primarily for industrial and commercial applications. They are not designed for medical use, including measuring human body temperature. These thermometers are calibrated for surface temperatures and may not provide the precision required for medical assessments like fever detection.

How Do I Use a Fluke IR Thermometer?

Using a Fluke IR thermometer is straightforward. Aim the thermometer at the desired object or surface to measure temperature, press the trigger, and the temperature reading will be displayed. Depending on the model, Fluke thermometers may vary in features and functionality, so it's always beneficial to refer to specific user manuals for detailed operating instructions.

What Makes Fluke IR Thermometers Special?

Fluke IR thermometers stand out for their robust construction, high accuracy, and user-friendly design. They boast features such as adjustable emissivity settings for different surfaces, dual laser targeting for precise aim, and transparent, backlit displays for easy reading in various lighting conditions. These attributes make Fluke thermometers a preferred choice among professionals who require reliable and precise temperature measurements in challenging environments.

How Accurate is a Laser Temperature Gun?

Laser temperature guns and IR thermometers are known for accurately measuring surface temperatures. The precision of these devices can vary based on factors like distance-to-spot ratio, emissivity settings, and environmental conditions. They provide a practical and efficient solution for applications where direct contact temperature measurement is impractical or impossible.

How Does a Laser Temperature Gun Work?

A laser temperature gun measures the infrared radiation emitted from a surface. It uses a laser to help aim at the specific measurement point, ensuring accuracy and consistency. The device then converts this infrared data into a temperature reading displayed on its screen. This technology allows quick and non-intrusive temperature readings, making laser temperature guns versatile in numerous industrial, commercial, and sometimes domestic scenarios.

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