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Why does this year have an extra second

Why does this year have an extra second?

On December 31, 2016, metrologists around the world—especially those living under Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)— will add a single second to their New Year's Eve countdown.
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3D Printing Turbocharges Rapid Prototyping

3D Printing Turbocharges Rapid Prototyping

Development of 3D printing and rapid prototyping at Fluke for new tools and for small part runs.
From electric eels, two kinds of current

From Electric Fish, Two Kinds of Current

Electric fish, like knifefish, produce electrical signals used for sensing where they and their schoolmates are. Electric eels produce, in addition, more powerful currents for hunting and defense.
Photovoltaic installation standards and certification

Photovoltaic installation standards and certification

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) offers certifications and certificate programs geared toward renewable energy professionals throughout North America, including a certification program for solar electric installers.

Electrical Safety Testing, Part 1, Figure 1

Part 1: Electrical testing safety - Preparing for absence of voltage testing

Placing electrical equipment or systems in an electrically-safe work condition might seem simple, but there are several factors to consider.