Troubleshooting and collaborating in real time


If you haven't already heard, Fluke has introduced one of the most revolutionary breakthroughs in troubleshooting and maintenance solutions. Now technicians and managers can view the same measurement data on their smart phones at the same time from virtually anywhere. They can collaborate to fix problems and find solutions much faster than before.

Fluke Connect® is the only wireless measurement system that collects measurement data in real time from more than 20 different cloud-enabled Fluke test tools and lets you share it with your entire team from the convenience of your smart phone. Technicians can connect to up to 10 Fluke cloud-enabled test tools at a time, through an Android™ or iOS smart phone, and view the measurements at a safe distance from the measurement point.

Collaborate on real-time data from anywhere

Fluke Connect ShareLive™
Fluke Connect ShareLive™ video allows multiple team members to see the same real time measurements and images on their smart phones from different locations.

Fluke Connect® can capture temperature, mechanical, and electrical measurements, and thermal images, and track trends all on the same smart phone screen. You can securely stream those live measurements and thermal images from the inspection site to others on your team through a Fluke Connect ShareLive™ video call to collaborate in real time.

At the same time you can archive measurements to EquipmentLog™ history in Fluke Cloud™ storage for future reference and documentation. The EquipmentLog™ history organizes all measurements for each asset in one secure location where the whole team can see it and stay on top of the latest changes. This makes it easy to compare real-time measurements to historical data to get a better perspective about what you're dealing with in the here and now. The measurements are encrypted as they are transmitted and are secured on Fluke's servers so the only people who can see them are those authorized by you with a secure log-in.

Rather than spending a lot of time describing an intermittent problem or justifying a plan of action, you can show other technicians and your manager exactly what you're seeing and how that compares to previous measurements. Not only will it help you identify problems faster, but you'll be able to resolve them faster. You can create a work order on the spot, associate it with a particular measurement, and get approval to move forward without ever leaving the field.

For situations that don't require immediate action, you can instantly capture measurements and send them to other team members in email, rather than having to write a long message to explain the situation.

Move further away from hazardous areas

FC Phone Trend-It
Trendit™ graphs automatically show temperature, voltage, and/or amps versus time, to quickly catch intermittent problems.

In addition to making it possible to remotely collaborate with multiple team members, Fluke Connect® allows you to move further away from hazardous areas and still get accurate measurements of live equipment. Once you set up the Fluke Connect®-supported tools at the de-energized equipment, you can move a safe distance away (or even out of the building), reenergize the circuit, and view the results on your iPhone or Android device without having to wear a lot of personal protective equipment (PPE). Anything you can see on a wireless-supported Fluke tool, you can see and analyze on your smart phone through Fluke Connect®.

Turbocharge your troubleshooting

Perhaps one of the biggest breakthroughs with Fluke Connect® is the ability to capture all three legs of three-phase power - amps or volts - simultaneously to a specific asset record in EquipmentLog history, rather than having to reconstruct it from three single-phase measurements. You can visualize all three measurements in TrendIt™ graphs versus time, to quickly identify trends and catch intermittent problems to head off potential trouble. You can even leave the modules connected and record data for limited periods of time while you work on something else.

Say goodbye to dragging manuals around or having to run back to your office to find a missing piece of information. Fluke Connect® is a portable knowledge management system. Virtually all the important equipment information, digital product manuals, and other resources such as Fluke application notes that you need are right there at your fingertips through your smart phone.

Enhance predictive maintenance

In addition to capturing digital measurements, Fluke Connect® - used with Fluke Connect®-supported thermal imagers - captures thermal images in the field and transfers them to a smart phone. The Fluke Connect AutoRecord™ feature automatically captures and saves digital measurements and thermal images to Fluke Cloud™ Storage and associates them with the correct equipment record in EquipmentLog history.

With just a few taps on the smart phone screen you can compare real-time images to the historical record to detect trends that could indicate potential equipment failures. Rather than having to write down notes in the field, transcribe them, and upload images to your computer back at the office, you can save the data to the cloud instantly from the inspection site.

All of your valuable equipment information is securely backed up in Fluke Cloud storage and safeguarded by advanced data protection measures to avoid lost or compromised data. Multi-layered security also ensures that your data can only be seen by those who are authorized to see it.

Fluke Connect® connects to more than 20 Fluke tools

Fluke Connect®

Fluke Connect® supports more than 20 Fluke measurement tools, and more tools will be enabled over time. The current list includes:

The free Fluke Connect® app is available for Android (4.3 and up) or iOS (4s and later) smart phones. Learn more at www.flukeconnect.com.

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