Fluke 430 Series Firmware Update

Update your instrument to V2.10 yourself with this flash tool.

Which units can be updated?

  • Fluke 433 / Fluke 434: Firmware V1.00, V1.10, V2.02, V2.04, V2.05, V2.06, V2.07 or V2.09
  • Fluke 435: Firmware V2.01, V2.02, V2.04, V2.05, V2.06, V2.07or V2.09

To perform this upgrade you will need:

  • Fluke 433, 434, or 435 Power Quality analyzer.
  • OC4USB (included with Fluke 434) or PM9080 optical adapter/cable (Note: 433 owners will need to purchase the OC4USB cable in order to upgrade their units).
  • BC430 power supply.
  • PC running Windows® 98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista.
  • One available USB (OC4USB) or RS-232 (PM9080) port on your PC.

This update will take between 15 and 30 minutes and your 433/434/435 screen will go blank during the update process.

This update offers the following benefits:

  • Extended current clamp and PT ratio to 10,000:1.
  • Corrected Energy (kWh) trend clipping. The data format is changed to extend to maximum span.

Follow these step-by-step instructions and get these great new features.

  1. Download Version 2.07 firmware update for Fluke 433/434 before upgrading to Version 2.10.
  2. Download Version 2.10 firmware update for Fluke 435.
  3. When asked, select Save to save the software update on your hard disk.
  4. Open the file you just saved on your hard disk.
  5. Connect your Fluke 430 series unit to a computer using the OC4USB or PM9080 cable.
  6. Select the Com port to which the Fluke unit is connected.
  7. Enter the serial number of the Fluke instrument.
  8. Click Start to start the firmware update.

FlukeView® version V3.34 (.zip) (multilingual version)
Firmware V2.10 is compatible with FlukeView V3.34. To fully utilize the firmware update of the instrument, a FlukeView update is also required. To update from FlukeView SW43W Version V2.0 or later:

  1. Download FlukeView version V3.34 (multilingual version).
  2. When asked, select Save to save the FlukeView update on your hard disk.
  3. Open the file you just saved on your hard disk.
  4. Follow the instructions on screen to update FlukeView.

Download complete product CD (.zip)
Download file and unzip to known location to install FlukeView application software.

Fluke 434/435 manual (.pdf)
Download a copy of the Fluke 434/435 manual.

Some instruments with firmware version V2.09 in the serial number range in 1121001 to 1164001 may be shipped with an incorrect configuration.

Affected models

  • Fluke 435/001
  • Fluke 435/UNI (50Hz 230V)
  • Fluke 435/003 (60Hz 120V)


  • I5s not selectable
  • No Class A Logo
  • Only 8Mb memory selectable
  • Wrong Phase labels/colors
  • Default line voltage and line frequency wrong
  • Missing advanced and logging option
  • There are no safety related issues

Run the appropriate Flashtools to fix this problem


  • To check your Fluke 430 Series Firmware revision press SETUP, VERSION&CAL.
  • To check your FlukeView SW43W version see Help, About.
  • The Flash Tool and FlukeView upgrade are self extracting executables. When asked, click SAVE to store the file on your hard disk. After downloading select Run from the start menu and open the file from your hard disk.

PowerLog Classic Application Software V4.4
PowerLog Classic application software used with the Fluke 345, VR1710, 1735 and 433/434/435. (Compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10). Last updated 09/2015

Updated Driver for OC4USB Rev II USB Connector (.exe)