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Temperature calibrators and precision temperature measurement tools

Fluke Temperature Calibrators simulate process sensors for testing temperature instrumentation. Specifically designed for the field, these lightweight compact tools are EMI tolerant, dust and splash resistant and offer an easy to use single push button interface. When paired with a temperature sensor they can take high accuracy temperature measurements to verify process temperatures and ensure the highest product quality and safety. There are a variety of different temperature calibrators designed for your unique calibration and testing requirements.

Fluke offers a wide range of temperature calibration equipment. Everything from simple Stik Thermometers to temperature simulation/measurement calibrators to dry-blocks, micro-baths and metrology wells. Whether you’re looking to calibrate a temperature transmitter in the field, test an RTD sensor, simulate a thermocouple, or calibrate a temperature transmitter at the bench, Fluke has a temperature calibrator for you.

Temperature calibration solutions

There is no one size fits all temperature test tool that meets the requirements of all users performing temperature instrument maintenance.

Our temperature calibration tools product selector can help you choose the right temperature calibrator for the task you need to perform. Use it now