New Fluke products

Fluke 972A/972B/972ES Temperature and Humidity Meter

Fluke 972B/972ES Temperature Humidity Meter

The Fluke 972 Series is an indispensable Thermo-Hygro Meter for facility maintenance teams, HVAC technicians working in Food, Pharma, cold storage, Data-centres, Labs & R&D facilities, Agricultural electronics manufacturing segments and for professionals involved in indoor air quality (IAQ) assessments.
Fluke iSee™ Mobile Thermal Camera

Fluke iSee™ Mobile Thermal Camera - TC01A

With the Fluke iSee™ TC01A Mobile Thermal Camera, temperature can be measured and thermal imaging detection can be carried out anytime and anywhere by conviently inserting the TC01A into the Type C interface of a smartphone. It can facilitate quick checking during electrical and mechanical inspections, residential and commercial uses, household HVAC inspection, field observation, and education purposes, allowing user to take quick thermal visuals and measurements.
Fluke Ti480U Ti401U Ti400U Infrared Camera

Fluke Ti480U / Ti401U / Ti300U Thermal Imagers

The Ti400 Series Infrared Thermal Camera usher in a superior upgrade.Inheriting the classic industrial design and good grip experience of its predecessor, the core performance - thermal imaging performance, focus speed, frame rate and software features have been greatly improved.
Fluke 301E Series AC/DC Clamp Meter

Fluke 301E Series AC/DC Clamp Meter

The slim and thin jaw can easily fit into tightly packed wires. The lightweight and compact design allows you to carry it around in your pocket.