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ARTICLE: Top 5 industrial applications for vibration sensors - 1

Top 5 industrial vibration sensor applications

Maintenance professionals may not realize how using vibration sensors can improve facility efficiency. Learn about which industrial sectors can benefit from vibration sensors.
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  • Row of motors for HVAC system

    Transients and voltage unbalance

    The electrical power issues that most frequently affect industrial plants include voltage sags and swells, harmonics, transients, and voltage and current unbalance.
  • Top causes of single-phase motor malfunctions

    Top causes of single-phase motor malfunctions

    Most problems with single-phase motors involve the centrifugal switch, thermal switch, or capacitor(s). If the problem is in the centrifugal switch, thermal switch, or capacitor, the motor is usually serviced and repaired. However, if the motor is more than 10 years old and less than 1 HP, the motor is usually replaced. If the motor is less than 1/8 HP, it is almost always replaced.

  • Troubleshooting photovoltaic systems: Three typical problems

    Troubleshooting photovoltaic systems: Three typical problems

    With the push to energy independence and renewable energy sources, HVAC technicians need to know how to troubleshoot photovoltaic systems
  • The Fluke 378 FC Clamp Meter measuring Amps AC and Volts AC

    How to use the power quality indicator on the 378 FC clamp meter

    Detect basic 3 phase power quality issues with the versatile Fluke 378 FC clamp meter for industrial electricians. Increase productivity and safety without test leads.

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How to use Fluke Connect

How to Use Fluke Connect™ software with the Fluke 377 FC and Fluke 378 FC FieldSense™ clamp meters

Fluke Connect software on the 377 FC and 378 FC clamp meters allows you to record, analyze, and share results with others. Trend data for preventive maintenance.
Fluke 378 FC Clamp Meter taking measurements in a panel.

Guide to Using FieldSense in the 377 FC and 378 FC Clamp Meter

Best ways to use the 377 FC and 378 FC clamp meter, how FieldSense technology works and ideal applications for front-line technicians and electricians.
3 Phase Measurements

How to Get Faster 3 Phase Power Measurements with Clamp Meters

Get 3 phase power measurements 50% faster with Fieldsense clamp meters. How to measure 3 phase voltage and current simultaneously.
729 pressure calibrator

How a power facility reduced 40% of calibration time

Many facilities, such as power plants or production facilities, depend on a strong preventive maintenance program. These programs are essential to keep processes running safely and efficiently.