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New technology offer alternate to ultrasonic leak detection

New game changing technology for leak detection

Visible leak detector makes leak detection faster and easier
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  • ii900-4

    Manufacturer stops spinning its wheels looking for air leaks

    Find out how air leak detection equipment prevents downtime for a 150,000 square foot plant that runs approximately 400 tools on compressed air, produced by a 200-horsepower compressor.
  • Production line that relies on compressed air implements new process for detecting air leaks

    Expediting air leak detection

    Even the smallest air leaks can compound product and energy waste and lost production time—especially for a production line that cannot function without compressed air to run its tools and processes.
  • Preventive maintenance vs predictive maintenance vs proactive maintenance

    Preventive maintenance vs predictive maintenance vs proactive maintenance

    What is the difference between preventive maintenance vs predictive maintenance programs? Learn how to move from a reactive to a proactive maintenance program.
  • Three-Phase Motor Failure

    Case Study: Three-Phase Motor Failure

    For three years in a row, a particularly large three-phase motor would fail twice a year. The facility maintenance manager called in both the electrical contractor and the motor manufacturer, who pointed fingers at each other but failed to resolve anything on site.
  • Network Hub Failure

    Case Study: Network Hub Failure

    Ever fixed something and still not solved the problem? Sometimes multiple deficiencies can all cause the same symptoms.

Recent stories

Low Power Factor

Case Study: Low Power Factor

Because power quality issues are difficult to pinpoint, clients often reach the wrong conclusions about their power issues. That often leads to expensive solutions that don't actually correct the underlying problem.
Elevator Trips Emergency Generator Breaker

Case Study: Elevator Trips Emergency Generator Breaker

A large commercial building had just finished an elevator equipment upgrade - but they hadn't been able to bring the elevator back into normal operation.
The Vibrating Transformer

Case Study: The Vibrating Transformer

This case history comes from an electrical contractor. Several of this contractor's clients operate large commercial buildings.
Machine Shop Motor Failures

Case Study: Machine Shop Motor Failures

Motor failures can be mysterious. Often, the mechanical loads on the motors have not changed and other loads connected to the same service appear to work normally - yet, the motors just fail.