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Whenever work is performed in an area where combustible material is present it is essential to take steps to minimize the risk of ignition. Intrinsically safe (EX) tools play a role in these hazardous environments. EX tools reduce the available energy to a level where it is too low to cause ignition.

Have you ever wondered if you're using the right tool for the right job? Fluke offers the world's broadest line of intrinsically safe test tools including digital multimeters, pressure, mA loop and multifunction calibrators, infrared thermometers, and flashlights designed to increase safety without sacrificing performance. Our rugged, reliable tools are designed to go where other tools can't so you can troubleshoot and calibrate more, without sacrificing uptime. These tools are ideal for environments in chemical plants, petro-chemical plants, oil platforms, refineries and other locations where risk of explosion exists.

What organizations are defining intrinsically safe standards?

Intrinsically Safe is a protection method employed in potentially explosive atmospheres. There are no global intrinsically safe standards or certifications, but there are organizations that influence directives in certain world geographies.

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