Connected reliability

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The future of maintenance, today

Connected reliability is an integrated framework of industrial internet of things (IIoT) solutions. Break down the barriers between data, systems, and teams by aggregating everything into one place. Provide maintenance and reliability professionals the data to do the job, asset by asset, wherever they are.

Unite your industrial world

Siloed data keeps your data segregated, and connected reliability bridges the gap by:

Employing end-to-end integration

Connected reliability ends disparate systems by using technology to aggregate inputs from all sources, organizing information in one intuitive view. Measurements start at machinery and are delivered to employees via smart devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, or PC/Mac computers.

Fortify teams with real-time information

The open architecture of connected reliability enables M&R professionals to access data from a variety of input sources, such as tools and sensors, CMMS, PLCs, SCADA, or EAM systems, and other industrial data.

Empowering people by connecting them

Knowledge is power; be sure to connect to the best. One of the most valuable attributes of reliability is connecting people. By sharing virtual, real-time details and data surrounding your equipment issues you tap into your most knowledgeable pros.

Connected Reliability Assessment Service

Maintenance and reliability (M&R) professionals planning or starting their Connected Reliability journey may wonder how they’re doing or if they’re going in the right direction. When businesses need help in determining whether efforts are leading to a truly connected reliability environment, they call Fluke. Our Connected Reliability Assessment service allows M&R leaders to engage with experts who will assess maintenance organization and connective infrastructure. The end result is a roadmap that will help businesses achieve their condition-based maintenance goals.

Read our Connected Reliability Assessment data sheet or contact a friendly Fluke customer service manager to learn more about this new service.

Connected Reliability Assessment Service

Connected Reliability works with IBM Maximo!



Start your Reliability Journey

How does a reliability journey start? What does it look like? Get answers to these looming questions, and more, from this Fluke white paper.

Benefits of Connected Reliability

Connected Reliability isn’t just a new kind of program. It’s a way of thinking about assets. Learn more in this “Top 5 Benefits” app note.

Why Connected Reliability?

There’s plenty of benefits and ideas around Connected Reliability. But why would an organization put forth effort to transition their maintenance program?

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