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Fluke Tools + Future of Wind Power and Solar Energy

Fluke Tools + Future of Wind Power and Solar Energy

Watch this video to how Fluke tools are supporting the future of solar energy, wind power and renewable energy.
Keep those motors running - main

Keep those motors running: electric motor maintenance preventing downtime

Automotive customers have zero tolerance for bad parts and therefore, electric motor maintenance needs utmost care. One of our customers, CNP Myszkow, coats small parts for the automotive industry. After dip spin painting, they heat-treat the parts in a tunnel furnace. This is divided into several areas, each with different temperatures. An electric motor drives a fan in each area to ensure stable temperatures since temperature stability relates strongly to final product quality. Any changes from the values set by the paint vendor may cause costly quality complaints. How do we prevent this?
729 pressure calibrator

How a power facility reduced 40% of calibration time

Many facilities, such as power plants or production facilities, depend on a strong preventive maintenance program. These programs are essential to keep processes running safely and efficiently.
Future proofing FPQ IEC61000-4-30

Future proofing your Power Quality measurement equipment with IEC 61000-4-30 third edition

The IEC 61000-4-30 standard ensures that the measurement results from Power Quality analyzers and loggers of different makes and models match up; so measurement results are comparable without any doubts.