Fluke Test leads, test probes and alligator clips

Improve your testing with Fluke's superior range of multimeter probes and leads, designed for different electronic, industrial, and automotive needs. Our reliable multimeter leads help you get the most out of your Fluke test tools. Experience enhanced versatility with our assortment, from integrated probe designs to modular retractable leads with alligator clips and various lengths of patch cords. Each test lead, extending 1.5 meters (59 inches), is crafted for precision and adaptability across multiple testing environments.



Frequently asked questions for multimeter probes and test leads

What are multimeter probes?

Multimeter probes are precision tools used with multimeters to measure electrical parameters. They connect to the multimeter and physically contact the component or circuit to facilitate accurate readings.

What are the types of multimeter probes?

Multimeter probes include standard probes, alligator clips, and specialty probes designed for specific applications, such as high-energy environments or tight spaces.

How do you use multimeter probes?

To use multimeter probes, connect them to the multimeter, select the appropriate measurement type on the multimeter, and then touch the probe tips to the test points of the circuit or component.

What are the types of test probes?

Test probes vary in design and function, including standard needle-type probes, hook clips for grabbing wires, and piercing probes for penetrating insulation to measure circuit parameters.

What is the difference between test leads and test probes?

Test leads are the wires that connect the multimeter to the probes. Test probes are the contact points that interface with the circuit or device under test.

What is a test lead?

A test lead is a conductor, typically with a connector at one end and a probe or alligator clip at the other, used to connect a multimeter to the point of measurement.

What are test leads used for?

Test leads are used to safely and effectively connect a multimeter to a circuit, component, or device for measuring electrical parameters like voltage, current, and resistance.

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