Condition monitoring

Fluke Connect tools, sensors and condition monitoring software.

Condition monitoring

Condition monitoring, part of a predictive maintenance strategy, is the process of screening parameters in equipment to detect changes that may indicate a problem. While preventive or scheduled maintenance ensures that assets are well cared for, but doesn’t answer the question: “How healthy is my equipment?” Fluke handheld tools and remote sensors allow teams to assess asset health by scrutinizing measurements for changes in equipment performance. Using condition monitoring techniques empowers technicians and engineers to predict maintenance, not just react to it.

How to get the most value from condition monitoring

Condition monitoring strengthens your maintenance and reliability program by:

Gain continuous, always-on monitoring of assets

When tools or sensors are connected to software, real-time measurements are automatically aggregated around the clock. Data is stored in the cloud where it is assigned to assets and organized for users to review.

Identify the root cause faster

Teams can swiftly troubleshoot assets using different condition monitoring devices, such as vibration sensors or power monitors. Compare measurements over time to quickly pinpoint abnormalities.

Monitor equipment safely from anywhere

Connect your people and assets with remote sensors and mobile access. Measurements from wireless sensors are automatically sent to the cloud without human intervention or error. Teams can access data remotely from smart devices anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Condition monitoring benefits

Condition monitoring programs allow teams to move from reactive to predictive maintenance. Aggregating around-the-clock measurements provides teams with a clear picture of asset health and performance without expending labor. A condition monitoring program can also:

  • Decrease maintenance costs
  • Improve downtime response
  • Move teams to condition-based maintenance
  • Save costs on prematurely changed resources

“I could verify the temps myself, online, so I was able to check in on [condition monitoring sensors] without having to call… I can just look at a phone to see what those temperatures are running in real-time. That allows my manpower to be better utilized… Saving on manpower is money, and I think we accomplished that.”

-Mike Parker, Director of Statewide Operations at Pure Environmental

Visualize Condition

Maintenance managers can use condition monitoring to visualize health problems in equipment.

5 Steps to Condition

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Learn about CBM Best

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Benefit from remote condition monitoring sensors

Condition monitoring typically leverages remote, wireless sensor technologies, including: