Integrated SCADA for Maximo

Integrated SCADA for Maximo

All your industrial data in one place

Indexing existing automation systems against your EAM/CMMS solution allows teams to intelligently monitor equipment. Maintenance and reliability professionals can leverage SCADA/PLC data within IBM Maximo workflows and practices without any manual inputs or efforts. Consolidating data not only provides information to teams, it also saves costs and transforms maintenance into a business value.

Fluke Mobile Work Order Management

With a single screen, IBM Maximo users can:

  • Receive alerts based on real-time data
  • Create work orders
  • Enter failure codes
  • Book spare parts
  • Record labor times
  • And more...


"The top two benefits for integrating SCADA data into an EAM system are 1) reducing unscheduled downtime and 2) shifting to condition-based maintenance (CBM) from preventive maintenance (PM), according to a recent Fluke survey. The former is done by using SCADA alarms to generate work orders and dispatch technicians to ailing assets. The latter allows organizations to reduce waste by making best use of resources."


If you're interested in how Integrated SCADA for Maximo can work for you, please reach out to us.

Capture industrial data with Connect2Assets and IBM Maximo

Connected reliability does more than just aggregate your data; it intelligently merges it with other technologies. Connect2Assets integrates industrial data into your EAM, while Fluke Mobile for Maximo and ICM for Maximo keep your workers connected and informed. With Connect2Assets, you’ll have access to PLC/SCADA generated:

  • Runtime hours
  • Cycle counts
  • Fuel consumption
  • Pressure measurements
  • Temperature readings

Alarm information is displayed with traffic light colors. Software also sends alarms to technicians within seconds of a fault. Once an alert is accepted, it’s assigned to an individual and updated so all team members have visibility into progress.

Connect2Assets Data Sheet

Download our data sheet to learn more about how connected data and systems improve worker capabilities.

Closing the Gaps
White Paper

Learn how closing the Operations and Maintenance Gaps will help improve your reliability.

Toyota and Connect2Assets Case Study

Fluke is currently accepting requests to join our Early Adopter Program testing ICM for Maximo.

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