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An easier faster and safer way to detect partial discharge.

Have you ever suffered from unplanned downtime or wasted time locating partial discharge? Introducing the Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager, the all-in-one tool for faster, easier, and safer location of partial discharge. Partial discharge, when it goes unchecked, can cause blackouts, fires, explosions, production loss, and endangers your workforce. With little to no training needed the ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager is the rugged, safe, simple and easy to use tool for detecting partial discharge that you need to keep downtime to a minimum.

  • Easy, quick and safe detection of partial discharge for maintenance of high-voltage equipment.
  • Little to no training needed
  • Reduce outages and increase uptime
  • Frequency range of 2-100Khz
  • Partial Discharge reporting tool available for free
Fluke ii910 30A


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