Fluke 985 Airborne Particle Counter Firmware Update

New Firmware update for the Fluke 985 Airborne Particle Counter

A new free firmware update (version V2.05); released in August 2014 for the Fluke 985 Airborne Particle Counter is now available.

This firmware update provides a performance upgrade to a memory issue which could result in random resets/reboot.

This notice explains how to obtain the free firmware update and explains steps on how to conduct the update.

How to obtain the free firmware update

  1. Download the update file (FWUpdate.bin) to a computer and save it to your desk top or laptop.
  2. Copy the file to the root or top level of a USB drive.
  3. Power down the FLUKE-985 instrument and then connect the USB drive.
  4. On the FLUKE-985 Instrument, hold down Menu key while the Power Key is pressed.
  5. When a message on the screen indicates that the firmware is being updated, then release all keys.
  6. Once the instrument is up and running with the new firmware, remove the USB drive.

How to determine if the firmware update has already been installed

To determine whether your FLUKE-985 has the latest firmware release version V2.05, first check the firmware version of the product by following these steps:

  1. Press MENU key;
  2. Go through the options on MENU selection by using the LEFT/RIGHT and UP/DOWN Arrow key until you see DIAGNOSTICS icon appear;
  3. Press ENTER/SELECT key, and you will see the Firmware (FW:2.05) appears on the lower left hand corner of the screen.

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