Important Safety Notice regarding Fluke 8x V Series Digital Multi-meters

Dear Fluke Customer,

Fluke Corporation has identified a potential safety issue affecting certain Fluke 83V, 87V and 88V Digital Multimeters (‘Fluke 8x V series DMMs’).

As a precautionary measure, Fluke has decided to alert customers to the potential safety issue, and request that users perform a simple check to verify the unit is not impacted by the safety issue.


Fluke 8x V series DMMs in the following serial number range may have plastic material intrusion in the COM input terminal. In rare cases, the plastic has sufficiently covered the wall of the input terminal such that it can inhibit proper contact.  This has been observed at specific orientations of the test lead plug within the input terminal when used with the “split core” TL75 test leads that shipped with certain regional variants of the product.  If using the Fluke 8x V series DMM for the purpose of confirming the absence of voltage1 this may result in a non-hazardous voltage reading when hazardous voltage is present, thereby creating a potential safety risk.

The following Fluke 8x V series DMMs are potentially impacted:

Model NameManufacturing DatesStarting Serial No.Ending Serial No.
FLUKE 83V June 7, 2019 – August 26, 20214628000155370001

1  Please note that pursuant to national standards generally applicable in Europe, confirming the absence of voltage prior to performing work in a hazardous voltage environment should be performed using a two-pole tester, and not a Digital Multimeter, all other safety requirements remaining applicable.


Fluke requests all users of the Fluke 8x V series DMMs within the above Serial Number range take the following steps to verify their meter is not impacted by the safety issue. We are sorry for any inconvenience this might cause you, and hope you'll understand that customer safety is our utmost priority.

A.   Identify your product serial number

Fluke 8x V Safety Notice - Serial Number Location

If you cannot locate the serial number on your Fluke 8x V series DMM, or if the serial number is illegible, please follow the actions indicated in this Safety Notice in paragraphs B and C below.   

All related models with serial numbers not included in the table above are NOT impacted by this Safety Notice.

B.   Test Procedure
Fluke 8x V series DMMs in the specified Serial Number range must be checked for the potential safety issue as follows:
  1. Set the meter to Ohms Ω.
    Fluke 8x V Safety Notice - Ohms dial position
  2. Using the red test lead to prevent full insertion, install the black test lead into the COM jack as shown.  This aligns the contact of the test lead plug with the source of the potentially intruding plastic to ensure effective detection.
    Fluke 8x V Safety Notice - Offset Black Test Lead
  3. Install the red test lead, fully inserting it, while leaving the black lead elevated.
    Fluke 8x V Safety Notice - Offset Black Test Lead with Red Lead Inserted
  4. Securely short the clean probe tips of the test leads together to maintain continuity throughout the test.  It is important to maintain contact throughout the test.
    Fluke 8x V Safety Notice - Securely Short the Test Leads
  5. Grab the black test lead by the wire and slowly rotate the test lead plug in the COM jack fully in both directions, without pushing it into the jack. Observe the reading on the display as you rotate the test lead plug.
    Fluke 8x V Safety Notice - Rotate Black Test Lead
    1. If performing properly, the meter will continuously read below 0.5 Ohms.  If performing properly, no further action is needed, as your unit is not impacted.
      Fluke 8x V Safety Notice - Proper Ohms Reading
    2. If the reading on the display is OL in Ohms or above 0.5 Ohms, please stop using your meter and follow the instructions below to arrange for your meter to be serviced.
      Fluke 8x V Safety Notice - OL Ohms Display
Please watch this video demonstration of this test procedure.

If you have questions, concerns, or are not comfortable performing the test on your own, please contact Fluke Technical Support.

C.   Register for Free Repair
If you have identified an issue with your meter using the test above, please register your ‘Affected Product’ for service via the registration link below.

Include all of your contact information, including email address and shipping address.

We will aim to email you a prepaid shipping label for the return of your Affected Product for repair within 1 to 3 business days. Please provide your own packaging for shipping (packaging that has hazardous material or dangerous goods warnings should not be used). Your repaired product will be returned to your shipping address. 

Register your ‘Affected Product’

At Fluke, safety is our number one priority, and we apologize for any inconvenience this matter may cause.

Note - Test leads

The Fluke “lantern spring” style test leads2 fully inserted have been shown to maintain sufficient contact to prevent the identified potential safety issue. Therefore, if your meter requires service for this issue, but cannot be sent in immediately, the meter may continue to be used with Fluke “lantern spring” style test leads until the unit can be serviced.  See images. All other safety requirements for the use of your DMM and test leads of course remain applicable.

Fluke 8x V Safety Notice - Lantern Style Test LeadFluke 8x V Safety Notice - Lantern Style Test Lead
"Lantern spring" style test lead"Split core" style test lead
2All Fluke TL75 and TL175 test leads sold separately as accessories are “lantern spring” style test leads.

Note - Corrected units

Units in the defined serial number range that had the issue corrected prior to shipment or through service can be identified by a blue or green sticker in the battery compartment and on the unit packaging:

Fluke 8x V Safety Notice - Correction Sticker Location

Thank you

Please accept our most sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by this action and should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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