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Power quality analyzers and meters

Three phase power quality analyzers are ideal for troubleshooting, logging, and creating detailed reports in conjunction with the easy-to-use Energy Analyze Plus or PowerLog-430-II software.

Find and solve power quality problems

As with any troubleshooting task, you need the right tools to get the job done. When it comes to power quality troubleshooting, finding and eliminating issues with dips and swells, harmonics, unbalance, and other power quality issues can be difficult. Capturing the data needed to troubleshoot is the first step in solving these power quality issues. Fluke power quality analyzers and meters will help you trace and identify voltage anomalies and harmonic distortion issues - even the ones that are the most difficult to find.

Troubleshooting to get answers

When your AC power system has a problem you need to find it without delay; Fluke’s three-phase power meters will quickly provide the answers you need to get things running smoothly. These three phase meters can be used for troubleshooting to help you find the answers now; or as benchmarking tools to discover the trend of your power quality over time. Simply connect and view the state of health of the power system either numerically or graphically, then log the data and share with co-workers or consultants through screenshots, graphs or reports. Fluke power quality meters can provide all the answers you need to effectively troubleshoot power quality issues rapidly.

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