Portable Netzqualitätsrecorder (RPM)

Wichtigste Merkmale

  • 4 voltage channels to measure the three phases plus neutral-to-ground voltage.
  • Unique 5 current channels allow you to monitor neutral and ground current in addition to the individual phases.
  • The power recorder looks at every cycle for power quality events such as sags, swells, interruptions and transients on all channels simultaneously. You will see everything from sub-cycle transients to
  • Don’t know what to look for? Don’t worry, you don’t need to set trigger thresholds. Adaptive thresholds optimize event capture. You won’t be disappointed about missed events or a memory full of noise
  • Records true RMS voltage, true RMS current, frequency, harmonics, power consumption parameters (W, kWh, VA, VAR, PF) and imbalance.
  • Analyzes voltage characteristics according to the EN50160 standard.
  • Transient capture down to 500 ns duration and 6400 Vpk.
  • High-speed waveform capture allows you to display transients as fast as 500 ns.
  • Stores up to 96,000 events.
  • Real-time oscilloscope shows all 9 channels simultaneously.
  • Aluminum enclosure is designed to handle a lifetime of use.
  • Ethernet interface makes downloads fast and easy and TCP/IP enables communication via Internet.
  • Wide selection of models. Whether portable or for fixed installations, just pick the model that fits your application best. Growing needs? You can always expand capabilities by adding options later.

Software completes the system

Capture thousands of events without setting any threshold using the unique Full Disclosure technology
There are two software packages available for the Power Recorder:

  • The Power Analysis System software and
  • The Scenario software.
  • Both packages handle seamless communication with the Power Recorder, graphical display of power-system parameters, and data-management tools.

Power Analysis System software

Plot events on any power tolerance curve. You can create your own or use CBEMA, ITIC and ANSI curves
For the Power Analysis System software there are two optional packages available:

  • Report writer software. This software analyzes all the data collected. It sorts events and summary data and merges graphs with Microsoft Word for easy documentation and report creation.
  • Polling and alarm software. This automates collection of data from multiple monitors to: alert key personnel to serious events by executing alarm procedures. easily centralize data collection via

The Scenario software

Real-time waveform display shows up to 9 channels (4 voltage, 5 current) including ground and neutral current.
This powerful software package performs predictive analysis, manages data and gives advanced warning to avoid shutdowns.

  • Allows plotting of multiple-measurement sessions on one timescale
  • Includes facilities for comparing trends from multiple databases
  • Calculates a Power Quality Index - a single figure of merit that characterizes the overall performance of a power system. The Power Quality Index allows you to determine system-performance trends over

Produktübersicht: Portable Netzqualitätsrecorder (RPM)

Simply disclose everything, every event, every parameter, on every cycle, all the time – within seconds

No longer will your power distribution system hold any secrets. The power recorder series is a unique range of instruments that increase your ability to maintain and troubleshoot your plant’s power quality. They monitor every aspect of power without blind spots or gaps, on all conductors in your 3-phase distribution system. 9 channels allow you to exactly monitor what’s happening on the neutral and ground conductors as well. Unlike other power monitors, every parameter on every conductor is measured all the time. And they are easy to use. Within seconds you will have your first measurements. There’s no need to set trigger thresholds or reconfigure the instrument. Just hook it up and start monitoring.

Technische Daten: Portable Netzqualitätsrecorder (RPM)

Number of channelsVoltage channels4
Current channels5
Voltage (phase)Range100 mV - 600 VRMS, 1000 V peak
Sampling rate6.4 kS/s¹ or 2 MS/s²
Resolution14 bits, 90 mV
Accuracy±(1.5% of reading + 0.5 V)
Voltage (neutral)Range10 mV - 70 VRMS, 1000 V peak
Sampling rate6.4 kS/s¹ or 2 MS/s²
Resolution14 bits, 90 mV
Accuracy±(1.5% of reading + 0.5 V)
CurrentRangeDepends upon CT
Sampling rate6.4 kS/s¹
Resolution14 bits
Accuracy±(0% of reading + 0.1% of probe range + probe uncertainty)
Transient captureRange200 - 1000 V peak
Sampling rate6.4 kS/s¹
Resolution10 bits, 12 V
Accuracy±(5% of reading + 36 V)
High speed transient captureRange200 - 6400 V peak
Sampling rate6.4 kS/s¹
Resolution10 bits, 12 V
Accuracy±(5% of reading + 36 V)
150 Hz line frequency
2For high speed models
Nominal fundamental frequency: 50/60 Hz ±0.1 Hz
Voltage and current sampling: 128 samples per cycle
Environmental specifications
Operating temperature0 - 50 °C 
Humidity (without condensation)90% 
Safety specifications
Safety ratingIEC 61010-1 CAT III 600 V
StandardsMeasurementsIEC 61000-4-30 Class B using cycle based techniques
Power qualityEN 50160
Mechanical and general specifications
Size21.25 x 30 x 7.5 cm
Weight6 kg
Warranty1 year
CaseRugged, aluminium casing
Power, battery lifeMains85 - 264 VAC, 47 - 440 Hz
DC10 - 15 V with 4255 cable
BackupNiCd, recharges automatically while power is applied
 Powers the instrument for 5 minutes then controlled shutdown. Monitoring resumes after power is restored.
Power consumption40 W
Communication10Base-T Ethernet, RJ45 connector or via Internet