Fluke 700ILF In-Line Filter

  • Fluke 700ILF In-Line Filter

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The Fluke 700ILF In-line Filter is specifically designed to trap fine particles from atmospheric air, compressed air, and instrument air. It is used with the Fluke 713, 717, or 718 Pressure Calibrators. It can also be used to absorb small quantities of liquid oil and water in droplet form.

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The Fluke 700ILF can be used to isolate the calibrator from the incidental contract with fluids. Particularly useful with the 718 calibrator to help keep moisture or oils from contaminating the on-board pump.

Spesifikasi: Fluke 700ILF In-Line Filter

General and Technical Specifications
Inlet fitting1/8 in brass female NPT
Outlet fitting1/8 in brass male NPT
Length2.125 in
Flange diameter1.875 in
Housing diameter1.560 in
Max pressure100 psi
Max pressure100 psi
Max flow10 SCFM
Burst pressure375 psi
Filtration1 micron

Model: Fluke 700ILF In-Line Filter

Fluke 700ILF

In-line Filter