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BLOG: How to inspect a motor with a thermal imager 1500x1000 -1

How to inspect a motor with a thermal imager

Seeing a motor’s heat signature under normal operating conditions—with at least 40 % of design load—can tell you a lot about its condition.
Four myths about electrical safety

Four myths about electrical safety that may surprise you

Following electrical safety regulations in industrial plants is critical. But myths about electrical safety are rampant. Understand the facts vs myths about working in energized systems.
11 things to look for in thermal imaging software

11 Key Features in Thermal Imaging Software

Guide to key features in thermal imaging software and how to get the most out of your infrared camera.
Thermal Cameras

Using thermal imaging to troubleshoot motors and drives

Using infrared cameras to troubleshoot motor problems as well as monitoring motor conditions for preventative maintenance in power generation, manufacturing and commercial plants.