Fluke Mobile

Fluke mobile is designed for maintenance teams on the go. Keep your teams connected and in the know with Fluke Mobile.

Keep your teams in the know

Provide greater flexibility for your teams and eliminate costly delays. Fluke Mobile is designed for workers on-the-go, enabling critical operations data to be viewed on the mobile platform of your choice.

SCADA Data in the palm of your hand

Send condition data delivered via Connect2Assets directly to technicians in the field. Fluke Mobile combines alarms from SCADA systems with EAM/CMMS data—including work orders, asset history, and spare parts—and sends it to smart devices, reducing unplanned downtime by as much as 60%.

Connected Reliability strengthens your maintenance efforts

Breaking down barriers in industrial data provides teams with the information they need to do their job. Ensuring a free data flow between systems and teams is the core of connected reliability. Benefits include the ability to:

  • Unite Maximo and physical assets, giving teams access to real-time data
  • Aggregate your data into Maximo, making it smarter—accessible anywhere there’s an internet connection and all in one place
  • Provide your team members with the information they need, empowering them to be their best

Improve Maximo's mobility

Turn IBM Maximo into an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) hub with the Fluke Connected Reliability Suite for Maximo:

- Integrated Mobility for Maximo: On-the-go access to Maximo workflows via smart device or tablet, saving your company from costly delays.

- Integrated SCADA for Maximo: Aggregate your SCADA/PLC information into Maximo to eliminate siloed systems.

- Integrated Condition Monitoring for Maximo: Aggregate and leverage conditional measurements into Maximo.

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“Vanderlande sees Fluke Mobile work management as a vital tool for us to ensure that we meet our KPIs. We can control many different operations using a single device, [so] staff no longer have to make unnecessary journeys and the whole team is better informed at all times, which means we can be so much more efficient.”

-Thomas Gebbert, Service Account Manager at Vanderlande

Improve workflows with Fluke Mobile

Gather your SCADA and EAM data into one place, giving maintenance teams easy access to information and work orders.