Fluke 1663/1664FC firmware update: 6 mA RDC-DD testing for EV charging stations

New firmware update for Fluke 1663 and 1664FC Installation Testers, which introduces the 6mA RDC-DD testing functionality for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations.

Important Note: Please read the following instructions carefully before proceeding with the update. Ensure that your Fluke tester is either a model 1663 or 1664FC. This firmware update is not applicable to Fluke 1662 or previous installation tester modules.

Check the current firmware version of your Fluke tester by following these steps:

  • whilst pressing ‘F1’ power on the tester, releasing ‘F1’ after >3s. The firmware version shows when you release ‘F1’. 

If your firmware version is 1.10/1.10 or above, your Fluke 1663 or 1664FC already has the 6mA test functionality, and you do not need to proceed with the update.

If your tester has an earlier firmware version, please check the appropriate option below based on the unit Serial Number (SN) to get the unit updated (to find the unit's SN, press the power button and the memory button simultaneously. The primary display will show the initial Serial Number four digits):

a) Instruments (1663 and 1664FC) manufactured from Jan 2023 (starting from SN 60530000 ): No update necessary, as the 6mA function is already included in the unit.

b) Instruments (1663 and 1664FC) manufactured from Sept 2020 (starting from SN 5080xxxx): To update your unit, please register your details [https://sbj.promo/fluke/6MACAMPAIGN]. After registration, you will receive the firmware update file and instructions on how to proceed with the update. Please ensure you have the FLUKE IR189USB cable (Item n. 2428108) to connect the unit with a PC (IR189USB can be ordered at any Fluke distributor). For any firmware updates you elect to perform yourself, please ensure you read the instructions regarding the update and its installation carefully and ensure you have the correct accessories necessary before proceeding. Customers agree that any installation of the firmware update on eligible testers that are no longer covered by any warranty is done by the customers at their own risk.

c) Instruments (1663 and 1664FC) manufactured before Sept 2020 (Serial Number below 50800000): Unfortunately, upgrade for these units is not possible.

For further information on testing EV charging stations using your Fluke 1663/1664FC Installation Tester, please visit our dedicated Fluke eMobility Electrical Testing page (https://www.fluke.com/en-gb/products/electrical-testing/emobility)