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Proactive technology maintenance

Advance your maintenance program with proactive technology

Technology has improved to the point where maintenance technicians can use the same techniques and tools to troubleshoot as well as to inspect, log and share—the basics of proactive maintenance.
Add condition monitoring with vibration sensors

Add condition monitoring with vibration sensors in five easy steps

Monitoring assets while they are in their normal operating condition is necessary for identifying power fluctuation, vibration and friction, or temperature. These issues could be symptoms of a bigger problem. Adding vibration sensors to your condition monitoring program is an easy way to add value to your maintenance activities and prevent unplanned downtime.
Three-Phase Motor Failure

Case Study: Three-Phase Motor Failure

For three years in a row, a particularly large three-phase motor would fail twice a year. The facility maintenance manager called in both the electrical contractor and the motor manufacturer, who pointed fingers at each other but failed to resolve anything on site.
Network Hub Failure

Case Study: Network Hub Failure

Ever fixed something and still not solved the problem? Sometimes multiple deficiencies can all cause the same symptoms.