Connect2Assets tools, sensors and condition monitoring software.

Aggregation transforms data into a powerful resource

With Connect2Assets, maintenance teams can leverage real-time condition data with their existing workflows. After receiving an alert, users can create a work order, enter failure codes, book spare parts and record labor time all within the Connect2Assets app. Manage tasks by including additional documentation within the work order, such as drawings, instructions or wiring diagrams.

Integrate industrial data for better insights

Index existing automation systems against your EAM/CMMS solution, allowing software to intelligently monitor the equipment it manages. Without purchasing additional hardware, teams can track asset health by leveraging existing PLC/SCADA-generated, condition and process data points.

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Optimize maintenance scheduling

Improved warranty compliance

Increase in equipment uptime

Faster time-to-action

Reduced maintenance cost


Improve operational efficiency

Connect2Assests aggregates industrial data from multiple locations and merges it with IBM Maximo. Leveraging Connect2Assets allows Maximo users to tap into previously unused SCADA/PLC data. Integrating real-time data into IBM workflows allows teams to:

  • Make better informed maintenance decisions with more data
  • Get a complete story of asset health using condition-based maintenance
  • Eliminate production gaps and reduce unplanned downtime
  • Transform maintenance into a business value driver
  • Prep businesses for an IIoT-based, connected reliability future

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