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SW90W FlukeView 示波器軟體


  • For ScopeMeter(R) 190 Series II and 120 Series
  • Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 10
  • Requires one free RS-232 port (COM port) or a free USB-Port
  • Requires optional PM9080 RS-232 Adapter/Cable or an optional OC4USB-cable (190C Series, 120 Series)

Note: 190 Series II comes with USB-port and USB-cable included. For 190 Series II no additional hardware is required.

產品概述: SW90W FlukeView 示波器軟體

FlukeView-1 software adds PC power to your Fluke ScopeMeter test tool

FlukeView-1 ScopeMeter software helps you get more out of your ScopeMeter 190 Series II Test Tool by:

  • Documenting: Transfer screens, waveforms, and measurement data from the ScopeMeter Test Tool to your PC for printing, or to import data to other programs.
  • Archiving: Store and retrieve waveforms with text annotations and create your own library for easy reference and comparison.
  • Analysis: Gather valuable measurement data and enable cursor measurement to reveal relationship and conditions.

Extended recording of up to four user-selected measurements help you monitor and analyze slow moving signals and related events. Upload waveforms to the PC and use cursors for detailed measurements. Perform waveform analysis, inlcuding analyzing harmonics.

機型: SW90W FlukeView 示波器軟體

Fluke SW90W