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TL71 Premium 測試導線組


  • 一對(紅,黑)握感舒適探棒用矽膠絕緣,直角式測試導線。
  • 推薦用 µV 量測。
  • CAT II 1000 V、10 A rating 等級。
  • CAT III 1000 V、CAT IV 600V 只用防護帽。
  • 一年保固。

產品概述: TL71 Premium 測試導線組

Test leads are an integral part of the complete measurement system and extend the capabilities of your digital multimeter. The Fluke TL71 Premium Test Lead Set has one pair of red and black comfort grip probes with flexible silicone-insulated, right-angle test leads. With distinctive comfort grip probes, they are heat and cold resistant with safety ratings up to CAT III 1000 V.

機型: TL71 Premium 測試導線組

Fluke TL71

資源: TL71 Premium 測試導線組