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C700 硬質便攜箱


  • 應用: Cutouts to hold one documenting process calibrator, one Fluke Pressure Module, one BC7210 Battery Charger, one spare BP7217 Battery Pack, and test leads.
  • 材料: 
    外部: Blow-molded charcoal gray polyethylene with textured surface.
    內部: Black, die-cut polyurethane foam.
  • Handle: Molded polyethylene.
  • Latches: Zinc-plated steel.
  • 尺寸: 47 x 40 x 14 cm
  • 重量: 900 g
  • 一年保固。

產品概述: C700 硬質便攜箱

硬質便攜箱 with custom-cut foam liner

機型: C700 硬質便攜箱

Fluke C700
Fluke C700 Hard Carrying Case