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C25 用於DMMs的大型軟攜包


  • Zippered polyester carrying case with padding and inside pocket.
  • Dimensions 218 x 128 x 64 mm (8.6 x 5 x 2.52 in)
  • Recommended for 11x series, 87v, 32x series, and most mid-sized DMMs

“...ample room for the quick reference card, the meter, and the leads (...) the material quality and construction should take abuse while protecting your expensive meter”- Jabit, verified customer

產品概述: C25 用於DMMs的大型軟攜包

Protect your Fluke tools with our most popular zippered carrying case sold to date!


  • Durable case, high quality polyester exterior
  • Zippered carrying case with padding and inside pocket
  • Convenient belt loop for hands-free carrying
  • Compatible with Fluke’s most popular digital multimeters.
  • One-year warranty

規格: C25 用於DMMs的大型軟攜包

Dimensions (H x W x D)
218 x 128 x 64 mm
8.6 x 5 x 2.52 in

機型: C25 用於DMMs的大型軟攜包

Fluke C25

資源: C25 用於DMMs的大型軟攜包