TPAK ToolPak, Kit para pendurar medidores

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Principais recursos

  • O kit inclui clipes de suporte universal (2), gancho e correia de presilha (2 comprimentos) e um ímã forte
  • Combinação de componentes para atender à maioria das necessidades de suporte
  • Acopla a traseira de um medidor da Série 110/170/180, 20/70 -III com holster integrado (com adaptador), 724/725 e 50 Série II
  • Um ano de garantia

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The Fluke TPAK ToolPak™ Magnetic Meter Hanger allows you to hang your meter on nails, hooks and many other objects so you can take hands-free measurements.

“Why did I purchase it? I was helping my son work on his car last year in the freezing cold and high winds and my Fluke meter slid off of his truck onto the concrete parking lot. Get it and enjoy the fact that your meter is protected!”- JJCEO, verified customer


  • Solves any hanging and positioning problem you may face
  • Attaches to most Fluke meters
  • Enables you to work hands-free

Modelos: TPAK ToolPak, Kit para pendurar medidores

Fluke TPAK

Kit includes:

  • 9 inch hook and loop strap
  • Tapered hook and loop strap
  • Universal hanger clip
  • Hook hanger for non magnetic surfaces
  • Strong magnet

Recursos: TPAK ToolPak, Kit para pendurar medidores