Fluke 215C/S

  • Fluke 700BCA Bar Code Adapter - 1

Ikhtisar Produk: Fluke 215C/S

Description: Shielded four conductor cable terminated with a 9-socket D-subminiature connector and a 9-pin D-subminiature connector.

Application: Provides interconnection and pin translation between a Fluke 743 Documenting Process Calibrator and a Hewlett Packard HBSW-8200 Bar Code Wand.

Spesifikasi: Fluke 215C/S

Mechanical and General Specifications
SizeOverall length approximately 15 cm
WarrantyOne year
MaterialBlack PVC cable and housings, tin plated shells, gold plated copper contacts

Model: Fluke 215C/S


Bar Code Adapter

  • Interface cable
  • Calibrator to bar code wand
  • Instruction sheet in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.