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Fluke 2024 Spring Promotion

Welcome to Fluke 2024 Spring Promotion!

Fluke proudly continues to serve our Test & Measurement customers with premium products rooted in Safety. We hope to delight those same customers with these exciting promotional offers.

Promotion valid April 1, 2024 – August 31, 2024.

More safety, more value, more Fluke.

Don't cut corners on quality tools. It's time to invest in tools that can withstand the toughest work environments. Fluke meters are engineered for ruggedness and safety, so you can count on them to handle the jobs you throw at them.

$ 563 Now $ 485

Fluke 175 Digital Multimeter – with a FREE C25 Large Soft Case

The Fluke 175 True RMS Digital Multimeter delivers the baseline general purpose features required by professional technicians around the world. Learn more

The C25 carrying case is a durable, zippered carrying case with padding and inside pocket, and high quality polyester exterior. Learn more


Item No.: 5199024
Code: 175EGFID/C25

$ 372 Now $ 321

Fluke 115 Digital Multimeter – with a FREE 1ACII Non-Contact Voltage Tester

The Fluke 115 technicians digital multimeter is the compact, general purpose troubleshooting tool for field service technicians. Learn more (link to product page) Learn more

The portable 1AC II non-contact voltage tester from Fluke are easy to use – just touch the tip to a terminal strip, outlet, or supply cord. Learn more


Item No.: 4911706
Code: 115/1ACII

$ 1031 Now $ 773

Fluke 376FC Clamp Meter– with a FREE Fluke-114 Digital Multimeter

The Fluke 376FC True-rms Clamp Meter with iFlex is the most advanced troubleshooting tool for industrial and commercial electricians Learn more

Fluke 114 True RMS digital multimeter is the perfect troubleshooting tool for go/no go testing. Learn more


Item No.: 5051192
Code: 376/114

$ 1405 Now $ 1020

Fluke 378FC Clamp Meter – with a FREE Fluke-117 Electricians Multimeter

The Fluke 378 FC true-rms clamp meter uses FieldSense™ technology to make testing faster and safer, all without contacting a live conductor. Learn more

The portable The Fluke 117 Digital Multimeter includes integrated non-contact voltage detection and Auto Volts and LoZ functions that help prevent false readings caused by ghost voltage Learn more


Item No.: 6003352
Code: 378/117

Limited time price reductions Take advantage of these discounts on some of our best-selling products!

$ 1633 Now $ 1178

Fluke 1587 FC Advanced Electrical Troubleshooting Kit

Includes a Fluke 1587 FC 2-in-1 Insulation DMM, Fluke i400 Current Clamp, and a Fluke 62 Max+ Infrared Thermometer. Learn more


Item No.: 4692778
Code: 1587KIT/62MAX+FC

$ 521 Now $ 469

Fluke 177 True-RMS Digital Multimeter with display backlight

Fluke 177 TRMS Digital Multimeter with display backlight delivers the right features for electrical maintenance experts. Learn more


Item No.: 1592874
Code: Fluke-177 EGID

$ 580 Now $ 522

Fluke 179 TRMS Digital Multimeter with temperature readings

Includes a The Fluke 179 TRMS multimeter is a full-featured, precision digital multimeter for troubleshooting and repair of electrical and electronic systems. Learn more


Item No.: 1592842
Code: Fluke-179 EGFID

$ 1044 Now $ 939

Compact Fluke PTi120 Pocket Thermal Camera

Rugged easy-to-use thermal imager for electrical and industrial inspection. Learn more


Item No.: 5302512
Code: FLK-PTI120 9HZ 400C

$ 5696 Now $ 5126

Fluke 1550C FC 5 kV Digital Insulation Tester

The Fluke 1550C performs digital insulation testing up to 5 kV, and makes data collection easy through the Fluke Connect™ wireless app. Learn more


Item No.: 3665021
Code: Fluke-1550C

$ 10862 Now $ 9775

Fluke MDA-550 Series III Motor Drive Analyzer

The Fluke MDA 550 Motor-Drive Analyzer saves time and eliminates the hassle of setting up complex measurements, while simplifying motor-drive troubleshooting. Learn more


Item No.: 5282560
Code: MDA-550-III

$ 874 Now $ 787

Fluke 1507 Insulation Resistance Tester

The Fluke 1507 is a versatile, compact, handheld insulation tester for advanced industrial and electrical insulation testing. Learn more


Item No.: 2427890
Code: Fluke-1507


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