Fluke 3540 FC 3-Phase Power Monitor Firmware

Excel Worksheet for Fluke 173X, 174X and 3540FC Calibation (.xlsm) »
The Excel workbook, Fluke17xx_354x-ExcelTool_Vx.xx.xlsm communicates with the Logger using remote commands through the USB ports. Updated 3/2018

Fluke 3540 FC Firmware V1.5 (.bin) »

Date: 21 Feb 2018

New Features

  • Added feature for support Wi-Fi captive portals with web browser interface when selecting SSID for remote monitoring.


  • Improved speed of downloading a long local logging session.
  • Corrected touchscreen keyboard layout to include #, {, }, |,\ ` characters.
  • Corrected communication protocol to allow the FC app to prompt the user to end the session before downloading.
  • Corrected issue that would show a grey Start Monitoring button when current clamps was removed.
  • Changed USB product ID to allow communications with same driver for different types of Fluke Power Quality products on the same PC.

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