High precision power analyzers

Whether its testing the performance of transformers, lighting or switching electronics such as inverters or power supplies, these instruments have the highest accuracy and are designed to handle the most difficult waveforms. For very low power factor or high-frequency waveforms, Fluke has solutions that can measure on single-phase, three-phase, or six-phase systems.

No gaps

Our precision power quality analyzers will perform 'gap-less' measurement and capture all details of every power cycle during measurement and logging; this capability is key to discovering the state of health of your power system. Easy and reliable use in the field, or as a bench unit in laboratories and on test benches, these high-precision analyzers will assist you in the development of the best power electronics and will help make these products you are producing more efficient.

High precision measurements

Fluke Norma 4000 and Fluke Norma 5000 High-Precision Power Analyzers accurately measure current and voltage and calculate active, reactive and apparent power and calculate other derived values from these high-precision measurements. Accuracy is not affected by either the waveform shape or frequency over a wide range. All voltage and current channels are separated by a unique technology of barriers for high channel isolation and common mode rejection. This makes Fluke Norma Series of high-precision power analyzers suitable for special applications, such as the switching waveforms present on variable frequency drives or high efficiency lighting loads.

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