Integrated CM for Maximo

Integrated CM for Maximo

Get a new view of asset health

Systems that aren’t integrated with each other only create more siloed data. Fluke Integrated Condition Monitoring for Maximo enables IBM users to view condition data from Fluke Connect sensors and tools, all from one screen. By breaking down the barriers between industrial data, maintenance and reliability professionals are empowered to implement predictive strategies into existing programs.

Fluke Mobile Work Order Management

By merging Fluke Connect data with IBM Maximo, users can:

  • Gain insights from around-the-clock condition monitoring via Fluke sensors
  • Aggregate asset measurements from more than 80 Fluke tools
  • Merge data from Fluke Connect software with the correct assets in IBM Maximo
  • Transition to Predictive Maintenance (PdM) strategies while still utilizing Maximo

Speak to a specialist about how ICM for Maximo can work for you.

Connect and mobilize Maximo with Fluke

Connected reliability mobilizes your data more than ever before. While Integrated Condition Monitoring merges real-time and historical asset data with IBM Maximo, Connect2Assets and Fluke Mobile increase the information flowing in and out of Maximo.

Integrated SCADA for Maximo

Merge SCADA/PLC data into Maximo with Connect2Assets, improving insights into asset availability and efficiency. Runtime, cycle counts, alarms, and similar information are included in the Maximo asset data, delivering more accurately asset health information to users.

Integrated Mobility for Maximo

The world is getting more mobile every day, and that includes industrial organizations. Mobilize the IBM users in your company with Fluke Mobile for Maximo and deliver the data they need to the device in the palm of their hands.

ICM for Maximo Data Sheet

Download our data sheet to learn more about how connected data and systems improves worker capabilities.

ICM for Maximo App Note

See how you can gain a more complete view of asset health with this application note about Integrated CM for Maximo.

Join our Early Adopters Program

Fluke is currently accepting requests to join our Early Adopter Program testing ICM for Maximo.

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