Test and measurement solutions for preventive maintenance programs

Predictive maintenance, Maintenance and monitoring

Fluke understands that the costs of unplanned downtime are high, and that those who manage facilities face more maintenance issues today than ever before. Whether electrical, mechanical or building related, preventive maintenance programs are critical to significantly reducing the risk of downtime and keeping systems operating at optimal performance levels. And now, preventive maintenance programs are more accessible than ever.

Whether you are just starting a formal preventive maintenance program, adding capacity to an existing program or upgrading your tool belt, Fluke makes reliable test tools that manufacturing professionals can count on for accurate and consistent measurements—tools designed for demanding manufacturing environments, the people who work there, and the challenges they face every day.

Find out why preventive maintenance programs are now within reach, what goes into a preventive maintenance program, and get a checklist for setting up a smart-tool preventive maintenance program.

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