9 steps for moving the electrical system of a production line

10 Jun 2020 | Insulation testers

Moving or reconfiguring a production line can disrupt a complex and finely tuned system. When you move a line, electrical distribution systems, variable frequency drives, programmable logic controllers, emergency stop systems, and more, are susceptible to unanticipated changes like glitches and failures.

In an effort to help keep your next production line move smooth, the checklist offers an easy way to keep track of:

  • Safety
  • Power quality
  • Voltage drop and voltage unbalance
  • VFD-related concerns
  • Grounding
  • Power and control wiring
  • Additional items peculiar to the manufacturing industry, processes, goals, and requirements.

Use the 9 step electrical system checklist for moving a production line as a starting point to help plan your next move, to keep it on track, to realize the opportunities for replacements and upgrades, and to help troubleshoot when the move is done.