60 years of Fluke innovation

9 Feb 2021 | Digital multimeters
60 years of Fluke innovation

Insight and commentary on Fluke product development

In 1949, a bright engineer named John Fluke devised an alternative to the cumbersome and difficult analog meters he worked with and sold his invention to GE.

In 1955 he and his team came up with the idea for the differential voltmeter as a means to solve a production problem - to improve production efficiency.

Fluke innovation grew from there, sometimes by necessity, sometimes by inspiration. The product line grew horizontally and vertically, but every advance came down to identifying a customer measurement need and engineering a better way.

And for a flashback to the early days of handheld DMMs, download this article.

And to all of you who have a John Fluke product on your workbench, thank you.