How a power facility reduced 40% of calibration time

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Many facilities, such as power plants or production facilities, depend on a strong preventive maintenance program. These programs are essential to keep processes running safely and efficiently. Performing accurate and consistent pressure calibration on process instrumentation is an integral part of those maintenance programs.

Typically, process instrumentation engineers spend 70% of their time on troubleshooting, 20% on maintaining and commissioning, and 10% actually on calibrating.

“We can automatically test multiple pressure points in one set up. We’re able to get straight to the depression set point without having to bleed the pressure and pump it back up, which definitely makes us more efficient.”

When one of our clients, a power facility, needed to replace a decades-old documenting process calibrator, the plant’s instrumentation supervisor went in search of a next generation pressure calibrator to help improve efficiency. He ended up with a solution that reduced the calibration time by an impressive 40%. How?

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