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Top stories

  • Proactive technology maintenance

    Advance your maintenance program with proactive technology

    Technology has improved to the point where maintenance technicians can use the same techniques and tools to troubleshoot as well as to inspect, log and share—the basics of proactive maintenance.
  • Three-Phase Motor Failure

    Case Study: Three-Phase Motor Failure

    For three years in a row, a particularly large three-phase motor would fail twice a year. The facility maintenance manager called in both the electrical contractor and the motor manufacturer, who pointed fingers at each other but failed to resolve anything on site.
  • Network Hub Failure

    Case Study: Network Hub Failure

    Ever fixed something and still not solved the problem? Sometimes multiple deficiencies can all cause the same symptoms.
  • Low Power Factor

    Case Study: Low Power Factor

    Because power quality issues are difficult to pinpoint, clients often reach the wrong conclusions about their power issues. That often leads to expensive solutions that don't actually correct the underlying problem.
  • Elevator Trips Emergency Generator Breaker

    Case Study: Elevator Trips Emergency Generator Breaker

    A large commercial building had just finished an elevator equipment upgrade - but they hadn't been able to bring the elevator back into normal operation.

Recent stories

The Vibrating Transformer

Case Study: The Vibrating Transformer

This case history comes from an electrical contractor. Several of this contractor's clients operate large commercial buildings.
Machine Shop Motor Failures

Case Study: Machine Shop Motor Failures

Motor failures can be mysterious. Often, the mechanical loads on the motors have not changed and other loads connected to the same service appear to work normally - yet, the motors just fail.
Rural Transformer Failure

Case Study: Rural Transformer Failure

This case history involves the investigation of a utility transformer failure that occurred in a rural area surrounded mostly by farmland and open space. The failure occurred in a location where power quality problems are rare.
Half Wave Rectifier

Case Study: Half Wave Rectifier

One winter morning, the electrician received a call from a local school. The caller said a transformer supplying power to three portable classrooms was making a chattering noise, as if something were loose inside.