World Metrology Day 2012 Message from Fluke Chief Corporate Metrologist Jeff Gust

World Metrology Day 2012 Message

World Metrology Day commemorates the signing of the Meter Convention on May 20, 1875. Those who are dedicated to metrology, the science of measurement, recognize this day each year as their time to celebrate the importance of measurements. The theme for World Metrology Day 2012 is “Metrology for Safety.” Fluke Corporation, one of the world’s leading metrology companies, is dedicated to facilitating workers’ safety through test and measurement tools as well as education.

Fluke Corporation manufactures many products associated with safety. One of the more important products of late is the Fluke Biomedical 481 radiation detection meter that promotes safety of people working in areas with potential radioactivity. Fluke Biomedical also manufactures electrical safety analyzers that test hospital instrumentation.

Electrical Measurement Safety Fluke Corporation has created an entire program dedicated to electrical measurement safety, complete with presentations, videos, checklists and a variety of application notes. The videos and application notes are offered free of charge to users of Fluke products, and the presentations support both private industry training programs and educator curricula.

Fluke’s electrical measurement equipment is designed to withstand electrical surges originating from protected electronic circuits, at the power receptacle, in the power distribution circuit, or at the origin of installation. Fluke designs and tests our products for CAT I through CAT IV ratings in accordance with IEC 61010.

Fluke also designs and manufactures special products to be “intrinsically safe.” Intrinsically safe equipment has built-in protections so it will not release enough energy to ignite flammable materials. These products are used by workers in industries such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pipeline, and oil refineries.

The Fluke Product Evaluation group plays an essential role in ensuring that all Fluke products meet safety regulations. Several of the team members are also active on technical committees that create safety standards for the world. This team is committed to ensuring that no product is released for production until it meets all applicable safety regulations. The Product Evaluation group performs measurements associated with temperature, humidity, vibration, RF and high voltage on test equipment. Their test methods are audited routinely by regulatory agencies from around the world to ensure that their test methods are valid and that their measurements associated with product safety are correct.

The Fluke Product Evaluation group works with the Fluke Metrology team to ensure that all of the equipment associated with safety measurements are traceable, through Fluke Primary Measurement Laboratories, to National Measurement Institutes -- which in turn are traceable to the International System of Units (SI), as determined by the Meter Convention! This complex system of documentary standards, traceable measurements, laboratory testing, and engineering help to provide people around the world with products that enhances their safety.

I hope that each of you will join in the celebration of World Metrology Day and can share in the enthusiasm that Fluke employees have for the science of measurement. Happy World Metrology Day!

Jeff C. Gust

Chief Corporate Metrologist