World Metrology Day 2013 Message from Fluke Chief Corporate Metrologist Jeff Gust

World Metrology Day 2013

A message from Fluke Chief Corporate Metrologist Jeff Gust

Scientists and engineers dedicated to metrology (the science of measurements) celebrate May 20 as World Metrology Day. On May 20 1875, representatives from seventeen nations signed an international treaty to coordinate weights and measures activities internationally and to support the development of the metric system.

Golden Weight The theme for World Metrology Day 2013 is “Measurements in daily life.” In keeping with this year’s theme, Fluke Corporation is commemorating World Metrology Day as a time to appreciate the metrologists in industry and in national laboratories throughout the world, who are dedicated to improving everyone’s measurements in daily life.

Like the national laboratories, Fluke Corporation is dedicated to improving measurements in daily life. We do this by designing and manufacturing rugged, reliable and accurate measuring tools and instruments. Although Fluke manufactures many different types of products for a wide variety of applications, all of our products help to ensure that people feel confident about the measurements they make.

Food Service Worker For example, many workers in the food service industry ensure that proper cooking temperatures are maintained using a Fluke FoodPro Plus Infrared Food Thermometer, which accurately measures food temperature without making contact, thereby mitigating contamination risks during measurements.

Thousands of measurements are made each day in hospitals. Many of the instruments that measure the heartbeat and respiration of the human body, the amount of medicine that may be dispensed, or the radiation dosage required to fight cancer depend on the measurement capability of Fluke Biomedical products, which calibrate and test these medical devices.

Fluke Corporation Telephone Facsimile Internet PO Box 9090 Everett WA 98206-9090 USA 425.347.6100 425.446.5116 www.fluke.com Electricians make measurements of voltage, resistance, current and frequency to ensure that our heating, air conditioning and power distribution systems are running properly and at maximum efficiency. Many of these measurements are made with Fluke products.

Fluke Bundle To ensure that Fluke products provide correct and accurate results, we also build the world’s most accurate commercially available calibrators and standards for electrical, pressure, and temperature measurements. These instruments are used in national laboratories throughout the world and often serve as a country’s national reference standard for a given measurement. Fluke also takes an active role in shaping the future of metrology by collaborating with national laboratories, building specialized versions of our commercial standards to allow scientists to perform experiments that may one day improve today’s metric system, known as the International System of Measurements.

Whether measurements are performed for everyday activities, or they are measurements by research scientists working to make improvements for the benefit of the world, Fluke is there, working to provide the best products to make these measurements possible.

I hope that you will join in the celebration of World Metrology Day and share in the enthusiasm that Fluke employees have for the science of measurement.

Happy World Metrology Day!


Jeff C. Gust
Chief Corporate Metrologist