Software for Fluke Infrared Cameras

Get the most out of your thermal imager. Take your infrared images to the next level with image editing and report creation. Safely measure, trend and share data live or over time with Fluke Connect.

Most popular

Fluke Connect™ Desktop


Try the new Fluke Connect desktop software–everything that SmartView has, plus more


Key features

  • Improved software with intuitive interface
  • Duplicate and modify templates
  • Collect, store and maintain images in central repository for future reference
  • Access thermal images from anywhere on any device with automatic cloud storage
  • Search images by title and severity
  • Share images in the desktop software immediately with all team members

*NOTE: Fluke Connect Desktop is not available on the TiX620, TiX640, TiX660, TiX1000, RSE300 and RSE600. Please use SmartView for these products.

SmartView™ Desktop Software


Our legacy infrared image editing and report software, available for free

Key features

  • Easy image editing
  • Detailed report creation
  • Organize images
  • Connect camera wirelessly

Fluke Connect™ Assets

90-day trial

Subscription-based software for managing your assets and work orders–attach images from your infrared camera directly to an asset record or work order.

Key features

  • Temperature-based alarms
  • Trending graphs
  • Asset-based reports
  • Unlimited storage

What our users say

“You can get live, real-time data to help make reliability decisions on equipment repairs.”

“Fluke Connect is very useful and adds another layer of protection in terms of electrical safety.”

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between SmartView and Fluke Connect Desktop software?

In addition to the reporting and editing capabilities in SmartView, Fluke Connect Desktop allows you to:

  • Automatically store images in one place, to be easily accessible for better comparisons over time
  • Link images to individual assets
  • Navigate easier with an improved user interface

Can I purchase Fluke Connect Assets later?

Of course! The option to upgrade to the Fluke Connect Assets software is always available.