Calibration services

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Why Calibrate?

Measuring instruments are the 'heartbeat' of your company as they check and measure your production processes. They control the quality of your products and in the end are responsible for the success and the profitability of your business.

A regular check of your 'heartbeat' with traceable calibration equipment ensures your quality always matches the customer's expectations, which is vital where ISO 9001 certification is involved. Regular calibration lets you:

  • Assure consistent quality of your production output
  • Lower operating cost due to enhanced reliability
  • Gain optimal access to international markets
  • Establish a quality system
  • Address quality audit and reviews
  • Maintain quality of specifications
  • Meet production control criteria
  • Measure inspection and testing results
  • Establish calibration traceability


Links to quality manuals, policy documents, and ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 17025 certificates can be found on the page Certificates and Accreditations.


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All calibrations (all levels of service) offered by Fluke, whether they are accredited or not are traceable to the International System of Units (SI) through recognized national metrology institutes (NIST, PTB, NPL, NIM, NRC, etc.), ratiometric techniques, or natural physical constants.

This includes new manufactured items that may not come with a calibration certificate but is offered with a “Statement of Calibration Practices”.

Note: Fluke’s policy is not to provide traceability charts or equipment standard’s certificate of calibration when that calibration is accredited or is offered with an accreditation.

Calibration Levels of Service

The difference in the levels of service are with how information is reported to meet the customer’s needs. There is not a difference in the traceability provided as stated in the paragraph above. The term “Traceable” has been used in the past to define a specific level of service, but this is not appropriate considering all Fluke calibrations are traceable.

Statement of calibration practices

Delivered or referenced for new some products, this is not a calibration certificate but a statement that the product was calibrated per ISO9001 policies and procedures and is traceable.

Non accredited calibration without data

Your instrument is calibrated to manufacturer's specifications using test equipment traceable to the International System of Units (SI) through National Metrological Institutes, ratiometric techniques or natural physical constants. It is returned with a Certificate of Calibration, calibration sticker, and seals. This calibration meets the requirements of ISO9001.

Non accredited calibration with data

Your instrument is calibrated to manufacturer's specifications using test equipment traceable to the International System of Units (SI) through National Metrological Institutes, ratiometric techniques or natural physical constants. It may be offered to be in conformance with ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 1994, and returned with a "Report of Calibration" with "as found" and "as left" readings and includes a test accuracy ratios (TUR) where applicable (if less than 4:1). Cal stickers and seals are included.

Accredited calibration

This calibration is done under the guidelines of an accrediting body (NVLAP, A2LA, CLAS, UKAS and more) to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard and will be delivered with documentation according to the accrediting body.

Functional test (Performance test)

After a repair a performance test is carried out to validate that the instrument is fully functional. No calibration certificate or associated material is provided.

Service Matrix

Level of service outputFunctional testNon-accredited calibration without dataNon-accredited calibration with dataANSI/NCSL Z540.1ISO 17025 accredited calibration
Validate instrument is functioning after repair
Tamper-proof seals 
Calibration sticker 
Calibrated to manufacturer's specification with equipment traceable to the SI 
Certificate of calibration 
As-found and as-left data  
Apply decision rules for statements of conformity    
Identify TURs < 4:1    
Measurement uncertainties    

Types of Equipment

Fluke is dedicated to supporting all of the products it delivered to customers.

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