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Fluke digital clamp meters are the ultimate amp meter tools offering precision and convenience for everyday use. These compact, easy-to-use amp clamp meters are designed for noise-free, reliable readings, whether you're in a tight space or have to get around extra-large conductors—perfect for quick, accurate daily measurements.

Clamp Meter solutions

With FieldSense™, clamps can measure current and voltage, without touching a live wire.

Best for solar high voltage

393 FC CAT III 1500 V True-rms Clamp Meter

Fluke 393 FC Solar Clamp Meter

Best for HVAC                      

902 FC True-rms Clamp Meter

Fluke 902 FC True-RMS HVAC Clamp Meter

Frequently asked questions for clamp meters and amp meters

What are clamp meters?

Clamp meters are electrical tools designed for measuring current without direct contact with the conductor. They use a clamp that opens and surrounds a conductor, enabling safe and efficient current measurement, especially in tight or difficult-to-reach areas.

What are amp meters?

Amp meters, also known as ammeters, are devices specifically designed to measure electrical current flow within a circuit. These instruments are connected in series to the course, allowing them to measure the current accurately in amperes. This configuration ensures that the amp meter can provide precise readings, which is essential for monitoring and diagnosing electrical systems.

What are clamp meters used for?

Clamp meters are primarily used for measuring electrical current in various environments, including industrial and residential settings. They are essential for safely diagnosing electrical issues, especially in circuits where direct contact is challenging or risky.

What is an amp meter used for?

Amp meters are used for measuring the amount of electrical current passing through a circuit, which is vital in assessing the circuit's performance, identifying potential overloads, and ensuring electrical safety.

How do you use an amp meter?

To use an amp meter, integrate it into the circuit in series. This arrangement allows the current flowing through the course to pass directly through the amp meter, enabling it to measure the current accurately.

What does an amp meter test and measure?

An amp meter tests and measures the electrical current (in amperes) flowing through a circuit. It's used to monitor the current load, diagnose issues like fluctuations, and ensure electrical components function correctly.

Clamp meter vs multimeter?

A clamp meter is specialized for measuring current without physical contact with the conductor, offering ease of use and safety, particularly in tight spaces. On the other hand, a multimeter is a more versatile tool that can measure voltage, resistance, and sometimes current but typically requires direct contact with the circuit for accurate measurements.