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Fluke Tools + Future of Wind Power and Solar Energy

Fluke Tools + Future of Wind Power and Solar Energy

Watch this video to how Fluke tools are supporting the future of solar energy, wind power and renewable energy.
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Tower Climbing Grease Monkeys 1

Inside a Wind Energy Tower Tech Community

As the wind energy industry evolves, so does the wind technician community. Learn how a unique wind tech community shares troubleshooting and solutions online.
Three-Phase Motor Failure

Case Study: Three-Phase Motor Failure

For three years in a row, a particularly large three-phase motor would fail twice a year. The facility maintenance manager called in both the electrical contractor and the motor manufacturer, who pointed fingers at each other but failed to resolve anything on site.
Network Hub Failure

Case Study: Network Hub Failure

Ever fixed something and still not solved the problem? Sometimes multiple deficiencies can all cause the same symptoms.
Low Power Factor

Case Study: Low Power Factor

Because power quality issues are difficult to pinpoint, clients often reach the wrong conclusions about their power issues. That often leads to expensive solutions that don't actually correct the underlying problem.