Fluke MeterCleaner™ Wipes

  • Fluke MeterCleaner™ Wipes | Fluke
  • Fluke MeterCleaner™ Wipes | Fluke

Key features

  • Pre-moistened wipe removes dirt, oil and grease
  • One wipe easily cleans one meter
  • MeterCleaner™ Wipes are not suitable for use on acrylic display windows, product markings, or serial number decals
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Product overview

Can also be used on hand tools and work surfaces

MeterCleaner Wipes are pre-moistened with an industrial strength cleaning formula that removes surface dirt, oil, and grease from your test tools. They will give your meters and accessories a fresh "professional" appearance. This same formula has been used and tested by Fluke's own service labs.


Fluke MeterCleaner Wipes
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Two package sizes are available

  • Six individually packaged wipes in zip-lock bag (MC6)
  • or
  • Fifty individual package wipes in a paper box (MC50)


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